This is the ultimate software for automated administrative support of crematoria, cemeteries and funeral centers.


The basic modules Cemetery and Crematorium attune CIBIS to a cemetery or a crematorium respectively. The software also supports funeral center chains and allows you to work from several branches in a single integrated environment.


The basic modules are extendable with services for planning/booking funerals and rooms; selling food and drink and mementos at funerals; renting plots and physical memorials; invoicing goods and services delivered, including rental; and registering the grave deeds and all other aspects of rights involved in burial, cremation and deposition of ashes.

Linking to External Systems

CIBIS links to external systems, allowing the use of standard solutions and off-the-shelf products. For instance, links are available to the population records, for name and address details; to your own organisation’s financial administration, for processing daily entries; and to Microsoft Office, to generate work schedules, correspondence, invoicing and overviews, including management reports.


  • 12 April 2018

    DEVENTit presents Atlantis at the Museum exhibition 2018

    On the 18th and 19th of April, the 3rd edition of Museum Vakdagen is being organized. Museum Vakdagen is targeting 2000 museums in the Netherlands and Vlaanderen and is taking place in Eindhoven (Netherlands). DEVENTit, developer of the collection management system Atlantis will be present with the module Atlantis Museum.

    About DEVENTit
    For more than 20 years DEVENTit is supplier and developer of the collection management system Atlantis. All kind of businesses have chosen Atlantis for their collection management. Especially for museums, DEVENTit developed a module called ‘Atlantis Museum’. The city of Brugge (Belgium) is using Atlantis for their city history and museums of the city use Atlantis Museum as shown on their website:

    Atlantis Museum
    Every collection in the world is distinct and unique, like the people who are working with it. Atlantis Museum was developed with the aim to manage web-based collections simply and fully, while respecting international standards (including Spectrum) and workflow processes. Exchange of information is easy and secure.

    Besides the module Atlantis Museum, other modules are available for managing image collections, archives, printed sources, library catalogues, handwritten sources, dossiers, archaeological finds and other mixed collections. All modules form an integrated multimedia information system in which the collections can be managed both separate and combined.


    Atlantis Museum and Strongroom E-Depot

    DEVENTit has a partnership with Data Matters and integrates their e-depot Strongroom. At the stand of DEVENTit (number 2.1) they will present their e-depot solution and will explain how the integration of Atlantis and

    Strongroom is the best combination for collection management. For more information, you may contact James Stell. He will be pleased to answer your questions.



    If you want more information concerning our collection management system Atlantis or information for your own museum please contact Herre-Jan Veenema. He is looking forward to answering your questions.

  • 24 January 2018

    Collection management system and website for archeological discoveries for Raakvlak Brugge

    DEVENTit from Bunschoten (Netherlands) implemented a modern collection management system for the Heritage Property Agency of Raakvlak Brugge. Also, a connected website is developed: The collection management system and website can be used for registering, managing and publishing the archeological discoveries to become available to the public.

    Raakvlak Brugge
    The intermunicipal service Raakvlak Brugge is specialized in archeology, architecture and landscape heritage for Bruges and the Ommeland.

    The intermunicipal service not only performs excavations, but is also responsible for advice on construction files and to preserve the archeological heritage. Processing data after excavation and public activities are also part of their tasks.

    The core business of Raakvlak is registering and publishing archeological discoveries. To manage all information, Atlantis is chosen. The solution for collection management and portal construction from DEVENTit from Bunschoten (Netherlands).

    Archeological discoveries
    Excavations are being registered and documented in Atlantis. Geo references of each part are recorded and presented on a map, where applicable. A detailed set of characteristics and a database of reference material is available to classify discoveries, sites and slots.

    Public presentation is done through the Atlantis portal. Important discoveries are displayed in a digital cabinet and all discoveries can be found with efficient search functions.

    Atlantis heritage website
    The Atlantis portal is part of a Atlantis Heritage website. Besides the archeological discoveries it provides information about Raakvlak on this website. This is used to represent Raakvlak and inform the public of important events, news and interesting archeological discoveries.

    Uniform design and technology ensure an optimal integration of the heritage website and the portal. It is also ‘responsive’, which means that website and portal can be consulted on a wide range of devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets.

    Beautiful result
    ‘We are very happy with the new website’ says Jan Huyghe, archeologist at Raakvlak Brugge ‘we received a lot of positive reactions after presenting it to the public. It was a big success.’

    DEVENTit is also very proud of the result. Developing a solution for archeological collections has fulfilled a long-cherished wish. With this solution other archeological organizations will benefit. According to Peter van Diermen – CEO from DEVENTit – ‘Developers and Raakvlak, interacting together, created a Heritage website which shows Raakvlak’s professionalism.’

    Are you interested in a collection management system for archeological discoveries or would you like a modern Atlantis heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.

  • 7 November 2017

    New heritage website for the regional archive Heerde, Epe and Hattem

    The district archive Heerde, Epe and Hattem manage documents on the history of North-East Veluwe. The renewed heritage website contributes to ease of use for both the local archives and users of the website:

    The website is Responsive. This ensures that the website adapts to the formats of all screens. This is how the website works for all devices like PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

    The graphic design has been made by professional designers, the website is well displayed in all current browsers. In addition, the website complies with the government’s web directives.

    Management and use
    The staff of the regional archive can do a lot of management of the website by their own. The collections of the regional archive are searchable through Atlantis. On the screen of Atlantis, the head and foot rule of the front page remains visible. The content management system of the website is WordPress. This makes it easy to add or modify something on the website. WordPress is user-friendly and can be easily expanded. Suitable for both novice and experienced users.

    The staff of the regional archive are very pleased with this new website and how it has been established. “The cooperation with DEVENTit is productive and fun. They’ve listened very well, “says Gerrit Kouwenhove, regional archivist at the Regional Archives Heerde, Epe and Hattem.

    “We are very proud of the result,” says Peter van Diermen, CEO of DEVENTit ‘An integration of Atlantis and the regional archive in one heritage website’. By signing up for maintenance on the website , they are guaranteed to receive upgrades for new versions of web browsers. So unexpected costs are excluded.

    Are you interested in a new and modern Atlantis Heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.tie.




  • 28 September 2017

    New Heritage Website ‘Memories of Zeist’ online

     ”Memories of Zeist” (Geheugen van Zeist)  is a partnership of 12 heritage partners from Zeist and surrounding areas. Through the website, they jointly put a spothlight on the history of Zeist, Austerlitz, Bosch and Duin, Den Dolder and Huis ter Heide.

    The website is produced by DEVENTit, supplier of Atlantis. The website is modern in design, suitable for PC / laptops, tablets and smartphones, provides secure communication and is integrated with an Atlantis Heritage Portal through which the collections are available separately and integrally to public audience.

    “Accessibility and user-friendliness were hard requirements for the new website. DEVENTit already was our partner and therefore a logical choice. Maintenance the archives and website are now in the hands of one Organization which makes it easy and comfortable for our Organization We are very satisfied with the result and combined with the new look, this website will suit us for many years.”, according to Annuska Komen, project manager on behalf of the municipality of Zeist.

    The design was based on the corporate identity of the organization and is applied on the website and the Atlantis Heritage Portal. As a result, the website and heritage portal are perfectly integrated. Visually impaired visitors have been taken into account by using different colors, enlarging fonts and reading features.

    “This environment can definitely be called an Atlantis Heritage Website,” according to Peter van Diermen, CEO of DEVENTit. “The entire layout of the website breaths history. The Atlantis Heritage Portal collects data from Atlantis and other systems. By signing up for maintenance on the website, our client guaranteed to receive upgrades for new versions of CMS and web browsers. By doing so, they are excluded from unexpected charges for upgrades.”

    Are you interested in a new and modern Atlantis Heritage website? Don’t hesitate to contact Herre-Jan Veenema for further information or a free demonstration.


  • 12 September 2017

    Digipolis selects Atlantis for their archive management

    DEVENTit is going to develop an archive management system for Digipolis. Digipolis is a Flemish association for inter-municipal cooperation for telematic services. The archive management system is being developed for the Gent city archive and other East Flanders municipalities and PCSW’s. This is done through a partnership of Digipolis with piva eGov, the provincial internally independent agency for support of local e-government within East Flanders.

    With this assignment is chosen for Atlantis, DEVENTit’s product for collection management and portal construction. With this fully web-based solution, a platform is being established at which the PCSWs (Public Centers for Social Welfare), municipalities and the Ghent city archive can host, manage and make their archive available to employees and the general public.

    “The Atlantis package has been elected after a broad exploration of available archive management solutions,” said Bart Stichelmans, project manager at Digipolis. “From the offerings, Atlantis, the solution of DEVENTit, proved to be best suited to our needs and requirements with a good price / quality ratio.”

    “We are very pleased with the award of this assignment,” says Peter van Diermen, director of DEVENTit. “The Atlantis platform to be realized, can be used by more than 60 organizations. We were already expanding in Belgium, and this assignment is a big step forward. ”

    By choosing Atlantis, the Flemish organizations will have a full web-based solution. This can be used in addition to managing and making archives for other collections such as image banks, printed and handwritten sources, audiovisual material, etc. Also, easy entry for organizations of smaller municipalities is provided.

    If you also want a modern and user-friendly solution for your archive and collection management, please contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free demonstration.




Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support are what guarantees continuity and reliability.

With a Maintenance & Support contract in place on our software solutions, you will have access to our helpdesk, solutions to errors and outages, and will receive new versions of our software as they become available.

You will be able to flag up problems and queries using our online reporting system, allowing you to track their status and progress. We will also be available to you by phone and e-mail.

Where the software environment is updated, having a Maintenance & Support contract will ensure that your software remains up to date. These updates could take the form of new features in development, developer tools, web browsers, links, link standards, etc.

So a Maintenance & Support contract on our software solutions ensures continuity and reliability for you.


Hosting ensures your organisation can be assured of its service provision.

When you’re looking for hosting, you’re wanting to find an environment which guarantees scalability, business continuity and continuity of service. DEVENTit has built an environment which meets these requirements and thus serves as an optimum platform for hosting websites, archive applications, collection applications, internet applications and portals.

When management systems are outsourced, staff productivity becomes contingent on the speed and availability of the information system they are using. For high-quality service delivery to the public, you need to be able to count on the continuity of the public-facing functionalities. The need for more storage capacity is burgeoning at the moment, and with it, issues such as data backup and restoration in the event of disasters are more often cropping up. The architecture of Atlantis’ hosting environment gives all these aspects due consideration, so it enables the provision of a service that meets these requirements outstandingly, and with excellent value for money.



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