This is the ultimate package for automated administrative support of crematoria, cemeteries and funeral halls.


The basic modules Cemetery and Crematorium attune CIBIS to a cemetery or a crematorium respectively. The package also supports funeral hall chains and allows you to work from several branches in a single integrated environment.


The basic modules are extendable with services for planning/booking funerals and rooms; selling food and drink and mementos at funerals; renting plots and physical memorials; invoicing goods and services delivered, including rental; and registering the grave deeds and all other aspects of rights involved in burial, cremation and deposition of ashes.

Linking to External Systems

CIBIS links to external systems, allowing the use of standard solutions and off-the-shelf products. For instance, links are available to the Dutch municipal councils’ population records (GBA), for name and address details; to your own organisation’s financial administration, for processing daily entries; and to Microsoft Office, to generate work schedules, correspondence, invoicing and overviews, including management reports.


  • 19 June 2017

    DEVENTit participant in the Dutch trade mission to Italy 2017

    DEVENTit will participate in the Dutch trade mission to Italy this week. With Cultural Heritage as one of its main themes, the trade mission will take place at the same time as a state visit of the Dutch King and Queen to Italy.

    “The new version of the Atlantis Collections Management System, which is currently under development, will be ready for the international market soon. This trade mission is therefore an opportune moment to connect to potential partners and organisations associated with Cultural Heritage in Italy.” – DEVENTit’s general director, Peter van Diermen.

    The trade mission will take place in Rome and Milan from the 20th until the 23rd of June. Visits to leading organisations and information sessions about doing business in Italy are part of the programme. The Dutch royal couple will be participating in some of the scheduled events. Meeting the Dutch King and Queen will be the highlight of the trade mission.

    “In preparation for the event, our company website and product folders are made available in English also. Potential partners and customers are being informed about DEVENTit and on our participation in the trade mission. The trade mission will be both practical and pleasurable.”

  • 13 June 2017

    ASR chooses Atlantis for their collection management

    Insurer ASR has chosen Atlantis for the management of their collections of art and historical property. Atlantis is the solution for collection management and portal construction, of DEVENTit from Bunschoten in The Netherlands. In addition to the management, Atlantis will make the collections available to the organization and to the public.

    “For the replacement of AdLib, we have chosen Atlantis because of its user-friendly management environment, the accessibility of the environment from the public side and because Atlantis is a modern environment with options and techniques that match current times.” Said Sigrid Vegter, curator art and historical property of ASR.

    “We are very pleased with this choice of ASR for Atlantis,” says Peter van Diermen, director of DEVENTit. “ASR fits well with large companies like Shell, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Aegon, etc., who are getting more and more at Atlantis for their archive and collection management.”

    For total detention, the Atlantis area is also hosted by DEVENTit.

    If you also want a modern and user-friendly solution for your archive and collection management, please contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free demonstration.


  • 23 May 2017

    Secure access to your Atlantis environments

    Security of websites and web applications are becoming increasingly important. Daily can be read about data crashes, hacks or other burglaries via the Internet. For a secure environment, firewalls, strong passwords and a secure connection between the web access and visitors are required.

    For this latter, Atlantis has an SSL option available. This enables your Atlantis management, public and portal environments to communicate with your visitors safely. The URLs to your Atlantis environments then go from http: // to https: //.

    In addition to secure communication with your visitors, SSL access has an additional benefit. Search engines like Google are going to better assess more and more web environments with SSL access. This counts more heavily in the ranking of search results. Also, browsers increasingly indicate whether access to a web site is safe or unsafe.

    The Dutch government notes the importance of secure web access as a priority. By the end of 2017, all Dutch government sites should submit this obligation.

    In short, let your Atlantis environments provide secure web access for your visitors and employees. Contact Herre-Jan Veenema for a free quote.



Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support are what guarantees continuity and reliability.

With a Maintenance & Support contract in place on our software solutions, you will have access to our helpdesk, solutions to errors and outages, and will receive new versions of our software as they become available.

You will be able to flag up problems and queries using our online reporting system, allowing you to track their status and progress. We will also be available to you by phone and e-mail.

Where the software environment is updated, having a Maintenance & Support contract will ensure that your software remains up to date. These updates could take the form of new features in development, developer tools, web browsers, links, link standards, etc.

So a Maintenance & Support contract on our software solutions ensures continuity and reliability for you.


Hosting ensures your organisation can be assured of its service provision.

When you’re looking for hosting, you’re wanting to find an environment which guarantees scalability, business continuity and continuity of service. DEVENTit has built an environment which meets these requirements and thus serves as an optimum platform for hosting websites, archive applications, collection applications, internet applications and portals.

When management systems are outsourced, staff productivity becomes contingent on the speed and availability of the information system they are using. For high-quality service delivery to the public, you need to be able to count on the continuity of the public-facing functionalities. The need for more storage capacity is burgeoning at the moment, and with it, issues such as data backup and restoration in the event of disasters are more often cropping up. The architecture of Atlantis’ hosting environment gives all these aspects due consideration, so it enables the provision of a service that meets these requirements outstandingly, and with excellent value for money.



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